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The Off-Road and Mining Industries have presented difficult challenges to researchers in fighting the effects of corrosion—in economic loss and environmental safety. The Cortec® corrosion engineers understand that each facilty has a different atmosphere thus exposed to very different corrosive environments.

Selecting the right products to protect structures against corrosion is key in order to ensure longevity of the equipment, as well as good performance regardless of what metal or minerals are being extracted.

Cortec® is prepared to create a unique plan to fight and prevent corrosion-related problems inthe Off-Road and Mining Industries, using industry leading products. Cortec® products have been developed using proprietary VpCI® Technology.

Cortec® VpCIs are a safe, cost-effective method for preventing and diminishing the severe damage caused by corrosive process streams. Whether a company is concerned with maintenance painting to prevent corrosion, or more serious corrosion problems affecting personal safety and continuation of production; Cortec® provides highly efficient and economical corrosion protection for the Off-Road and Mining Industries.


Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI's) offer an environmentally safe method of treatment with low toxicity and low polluting effects. Unlike corrosion inhibiting systems of the past, many of Cortec® VpCI's do not contain chromates or other heavy metals, nitrites, or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

With Cortec® VpCIs you can turn the tables on corrosion. With the support of our corrosion scientists, engineers, and testing facility, Cortec® can provide simple, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions for any corrosion problems.

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